The Judgment of Wessington – the next seminal moment in the wine world?  

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The Judgement of Wessington…

In 1976 there was a seminal moment in the recent history of wine known as The Judgment of Paris. Californian wines toppled the great wines of Bordeaux from their exhalted pedestal as the worlds finest wines in a blind tasting competition, hosted by wine legend Steven Spurrier, with a panel of some of France’s greatest wine experts judging it. The result sent shockwaves around the globe, and decades later it led to a pretty good movie called Bottle Shock, with Spurrier’s character being played by Alan Rickman.

Whilst the quality of English sparkling wine is in no doubt internationally we thought it would be rather fun to host an event to blind taste fine quality Champagnes alongside some of the best comparably priced English Sparkling wines in our lovely orchard in Wessington.

Our panel of expert judges so far comprises:

Sir Richard Fitzherbert Bt., a former wine merchant and well-known connoisseur of fine fizzes.

Jean-Claude Schmitt, independent wine Merchant and owner of The French Wine People.

Andrij Jurkiw, wine reviewer and writer for Great British Wines, a high-profile website and blog that promotes English wines to the world.

William Armitage, independent merchant, based in Ashover.

Adjudicated by Andie Darlington, Taste The Seasons Magazine.

The event will be open to the public, you can bring a picnic if you wish all you need to do is register your interest in the form below. There will be a small charge of £5 per head (under 18s free). The event will run from 5-7pm and you can get directions here.

There will be a bar where some of these fine fizzes can be purchased by the glass, along with our very own award winning wines.

We would also like to select a People’s Panel, a short list of 4 members of the public to judge their favourites alongside the experts. You can tick the box if you’re interested and a random selection will be chosen.

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More Events to come but…

We attend several events throughout the year where we offer tastings of and sell our wine – these include various Food & Drink Festivals from large to small i.e. Chatsworth Country Fair to local Farmers Markets. A list of these events can be found below listed in date order of what we have coming up.

We have also included events we organise & host ourselves at our Little Vineyard site in Wessington, these can also be seen below and tickets can purchased in our shop.

However, perhaps you’d like us to come to you – ever considered having an English Wine Tasting event at your home with friends or your office with colleagues, perhaps a hobby group with other like minded people, we often provide these events for local wine circles.  We can arrange the event with a full list of English Wines to taste, tasting notes and we can also include local cheeses & breads.

Prices start from £90