This is our biggest planting in the Amber Valley Wines Vineyards to date with over 700 vines in the ground.

Solaris is quite new and was only released for planting in 2005.

This grape is a crossing of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat Ottonel, Zaraya Severa and Seyval Blanc. Solaris is an early ripening variety with good resistance against fungal diseases and frost. It gives wines which have fruity and perfumed aromas with hints of banana and hazelnuts, with medium acidity. It is considered to be suitable for dessert wines, as it ripens to high must weights.

In cooler climate, with less sugar contens, also as a dry wine suitable for fish, shrimps or chicken.

The variety is stated as a Vitis vinifera grape, although it contains traces of hybrid grapes in its pedigree. It is an approved as a Vitis vinifera grape by EU, to grow and make wine of. It is formally listed as a Vitis vinifera cultivar. It received varietal protection in 2001.

It orignates from Germany.  Wine characteristics :

Colour : Yellow-Green / Yellow

Aroma : Fruity, Perfumed with hints of banana & hazelnuts.

Palate : Strong, Characterful & Fruity.

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