Phoenix is a green-skinned grape used in the production of white wines and table grapes in England and Germany. The variety was bred for its disease-resistance in 1964, in Pfalz, Germany, from a crossing of Bacchus and Seyval Blanc. Interestingly, Phoenix is classified as a Vitis vinifera grape, despite the hybrid parentage of Seyval Blanc.

As a wine, Phoenix is quite aromatic, with Muscat-like qualities, elderflower and herbaceous notes. It has large, tightly packed bunches and is a productive variety that needs minimal human intervention.

Grape ‘Phoenix’ produces good sized grapes in densely packed bunches. When fully ripe, these grapes have a light Muscat aroma and an excellent flavour, making them ideal forĀ 

With their large leaves and good autumn colour, these grape vines are also very attractive.

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